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Think of a mani/pedi as the perfect accessorys....just as important as your handbag or shoes

“Think of a mani/pedi as the Perfect Accessory…just as important as your handbag, or your shoes.”


Since 2007, Perfect Accessorys A Natural Nail Boutique has been committed to uncompromising cleanliness, and personalized one-on-one customer service. From unique services and free Internet access, Perfect Accessorys has done more than refine an old tradition:  We offer a refreshing approach to manicures and pedicures.  Think of a mani/pedi as the Perfect Accessory…just as important as your handbag, or your shoes.  IT’S ALL ABOUT YOU!  We provide the options, you make the choices.  We invite you to come and make the experience your own.



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Nakia Williams-Young a native of Arkansas is passionate about her craft.  She has been creating truly indulgent experiences for over 22 years.  As life becomes more hectic, it is necessary to seek calm and balance in our personal lives.  Perfect Accessorys offers a one-on-one personalized nail experience.  Catering to one guest at a time, enables you to relax and unwind free of interruption.  As cleanliness is a major priority, Nakia uses pipe-less stainless steel pedicure tubs to prohibit cross contamination.  Meticulous attention to every last detail is enhanced with the most luxurious Whipped Body Buffer.  This transforms an ordinary manicure and pedicure into an unforgettable experience.


Whipped Body Buffer by Perfect Accessorys was born out of frustration with scrubs on the market.  As a result, Nakia handcrafted her own.  TREAT YOURSELF!